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Field help editor

The field Help system contains a help on the fields in a form. When you are filling a form with data, field Help can tell you what information to provide in any field.

The Field help editor enables you to add and edit help for any Service Manager field, form, table, term, or topic. Using it you can add a unique help record that describes the data in any field.

Service Manager stores field help as records in the help table. The table has fields that enable you to specify the brief description, detailed description, table name, form name, field name, related information, term and topic for a help record.

You can add, edit, or delete individual help records through the Field help editor. Alternatively, since the field help is stored in a standard Service Manager table, you can use the standard table related functions to add, edit, or delete batches of help records, including import, export, load, unload, and mass add, update, and delete.

You can run queries to find records in the help table, just as you would on any other Service Manager table, using either the standard QBE search, or the Advanced search functions.

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