Migrate the solution matching configuration from security profiles to security settings

The Incident solution matching functionality in Process Designer-based systems and in Classic systems is different.

We recommend that you use Process Designer solution matching. However, if you want to use Classic solution matching, you must manually migrate the security configuration from Classic security profiles to Process Designer security roles. This is necessary because Classic solution matching is configured in security profiles (for example, pmenv), which are not used in Process Designer security roles.

The following example uses the "Check similar problems" Incident solution matching setting to demonstrate how to perform the migration.

  1. The field name of the "Check similar problems" setting is "check.rc." To add a setting with the same name in the "Incident" security area, search for the "Incident" security area. From the More menu, click Administration > Add New Setting, and then add a new setting.
  2. Set the security rights value for this new Setting.

  3. Check all your Incident Management security profile records (in an out-of-box system, there are 49) to identify all the records in which "Check similar problems" is selected. For example, if "Check similar problems" is selected in the sysadmin profile, you need to set the area of the sysadmin security role to "Incident," and select the "Check similar problems" setting.

  4. After you manually migrate the "Check similar problems" setting, perform the same tasks for the following settings:

    • Check similar incidents
    • Check incident duplicates on configuration item
    • Check incident duplicates on related configuration item
      • Max levels
      • Max hits