Revert to using the "escalate to Change" wizard

The escalation to change process in Process Designer-based systems and in Classic systems is different. After you upgrade to Service Manager 9.60 Hybrid, the escalation wizard no longer appears when you click Escalate in an Interaction, and the Change is not created in the background. Instead, the Change form is launched for you to input the details.

To revert to using the Classic escalation wizard, follow these steps:

  1. Open the "escalate.interaction" process, and modify the condition so that it evaluates to "true" for escalation to change. This ensures that the escalation wizard is displayed.

    For example, modify the condition from $ and ($L.string="create" and $exit.code.fc="normal") to ($ or category in $L.file="request for change") and ($L.string="create" and $exit.code.fc="normal").

  2. Open the "cc.createchange" process, and modify the expression that is evaluated before the RAD call from $ to $ This ensures that the change is created in the background.

  3. If it does not already exist, add the following expression to the "number" link line of the "screlate.incidents.cm3r" link:

    requestedDate in $L.related=nullsub($, tod())

    Note You can further tailor "escalate to Change" wizard by adding additional expressions or field mapping to copy data to change records.