Use the Process Designer workflow viewer in your Change Management forms

When you view a record in a Process Designer-based module, the form uses the new Workflow Viewer widget to display the workflow history of the record. The Applications Upgrade Utility updates your forms during the upgrade process to enable this feature.

However, if you previously customized Service Manager so that the cm3r.sub.workflow.g subform was not used to hold the Classic workflow widget in the Change Management module, you must manually implement the new Workflow Viewer widget in your Change Management forms.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In Forms Designer, open the "chm.cm3r.sub.workflow.g" out-of-box Process Designer workflow subform. Then, use design mode to copy the content of this subform.
  2. In Forms Designer, open the form to which you want to add the new Workflow Viewer widget. Then, overwrite the content for the existing Classic workflow widget subform with the content that you copied from the "chm.cm3r.sub.workflow.g" subform.