Service Desk Agent

The Service Desk Agent user role has the following responsibilities:

  • Open interactions based on contact with the user
  • Match user interaction to incidents, problems, known errors, or knowledge documents
  • Solve and close interactions
  • Provide status updates to users on request
  • Register incidents based on user interactions and assign them to the correct support group
  • Register requests for change, based on user interactions
  • Register service requests, based on a user interactions
  • Validate solutions provided by support groups
  • Report and verify solution to users
  • Monitor the Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets of all registered incidents and escalate the incidents if required
  • Communicate service outages to all users

To execute this role, the Service Desk Agent has following tasks available:

Note For an overview of how these tasks fit in the Incident Management workflow, see Incident Management workflows and user tasks.

ITIL Workflows User Tasks
Incident logging and categorization (SO2.1)
Service Level Agreement Monitoring (SO2.7)