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Advanced filter

HPE Service Manager provides a standard search screen for the main tables of each module. The search screens provide the main fields to perform the search on the first tab as well as the capability to perform more complex queries using the Advanced Filter tab. The Advanced Filter tab maintains search functionality when migrating from Service Desk to Service Manager.

The Advanced Filter tab enables you to specify queries against any other field in the table in addition to the fields that appear on the initial search screen. You can use the Advanced Filter wizard to combine the fields with other expressions using either "and" or "or" operators as well as parentheses to create complex queries. The comparison operators will vary depending on the field type that you select. On array fields, the values will also change depending on whether you are searching on an array field that has been configured to be used as an IR key or as a regular array. The "Is Null" and "Not Equal to" operators allow you to search for records where a field is equal to a specified value or is null. A "Not" checkbox appears as part of the wizard to help you create negated queries on any field except arrays that are configured as IR keys.

When you create a filter, you should consider that the execution time for the query may vary, depending on the following factors:

  • The number of records in the table
  • The complexity of the query
  • The use of non-keyed fields

We recommend that you try to avoid queries against non-keyed fields and avoid using multiple negations that would cancel each other, such as not(not <field> <operator> <value>).