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Create an advanced filter

Applies to User Roles:

All roles

The following example demonstrates how to use an advanced filter to search for a record or set of records in HPE Service Manager. In this example, a new advanced filter is created to search for a set of records that satisfy the specified search criteria for incident records.

To create an advanced filter, follow these steps:

  1. Click Incident Management > Search Incidents.
  2. Click the Advanced Filter tab, and then click Add New Filter Criteria.
  3. Select a field from Field in Incident to be part of the search criteria. For example, select Assignment Group. If you do not find the fields that are appropriate for your search criteria (for example, you want Manager Name as a field ), follow these steps:
    1. From Field in Incident, select a field that is linked to a table that contains the field that you want to add as search criteria. In this example, select Assignment Group from Field in Incident, as the assignment table contains both the Manager Name and Assignment Group fields.
    2. Click Use Multi Level Chooser, select Manager Name from Incident Assignment Records, and then click Next.

      Note Incident Assignment Records may not appear if the field you selected in step a is not linked to any other table.

  4. Select a comparison from the drop-down list (for example, Equals). You can also negate the operator field you select by selecting the Not check box, except for an IR field, which cannot be negated.
  5. Type or use Fill to select a value for the Value field. For example, enter the manager’s name, and then click Next.

The new advanced filter is created, and the system now uses the filter to search for and display a list of records that satisfy the search criteria you provided.