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Search for a record

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This topic demonstrates how to search for an incident record as an example of how to search for any type of record or set of records in HPE Service Manager. Most of the actions that are described below are common to any record search. However, the search criteria that are available will depend on the fields in the table that you are searching.

To search for an incident record, follow these steps:

  1. In Incident Management, click Search Incidents.
  2. Use the search form to specify additional search criteria to make your search more efficient. For example, in the View field, select Open incidents assigned to my group.
  3. For more search options, click the following tabs:
    • Incident
      You can leave any or all fields on this tab blank. For the fastest searching, use the fields identified as key (indexed) fields at your site. If these fields are not clearly identified on the form, ask your Service Manager administrator for a list of key fields. You can also select some options that provide additional search criteria.

    • Advanced Filter
      Add new filter criteria to your search.
      • To write your own search query to sort the results by keyed fields, click More or the More Actions icon, and then select Expert Search.
      • To specify the field, comparison, and value for the filter, click Add New Filter Criteria.
  4. Click Search to display the list of records that matches your search criteria. Select a record in the list to view it.

    Note If Service Manager generates a message that states no records were found, you can broaden the search by eliminating some of the search parameters. You can sort a record list by clicking the header of the column that you want to sort. For example, to sort the list by status, click the Status column header.

  5. To modify or end your search, choose one of the following options:
    • To clear the search criteria you selected and return to a blank search form, click Clear or press Alt+F7.
    • To start the Add a New Device wizard and add a new business service or device to your configuration items, click New or press Alt+F1.
    • To restore the search criteria you have cleared, click Restore or press Alt+F11.
    • To end your search and return to the previous screen, click Cancel or press Alt+F3.

You can choose to create a new view, so that you have the query readily available the next time you want to search for these records.

  • In the web client, click More, and then select Save List as View.
  • In the Windows client, click the More Actions menu (the down-arrow button on the far right of the toolbar), and then select Save List as View.