Fields are areas of a form in which information for a record is displayed. For example, that information might be an asset name or the description of an incident. You can type information into some of these fields. HPE Service Manager fills the other fields automatically.

When you type new data in a field and click Save, Service Manager stores the data in the appropriate Service Manager records.

Required fields

Required fields contain the information that is necessary to complete a form. For example, if you create an incident record, you must specify a category. A red asterisk is displayed to the left of a required field. If you do not type data in a required field before you save the record, Service Manager generates an error message. In some forms, the message includes a list of possible values.

Protected fields

You cannot edit protected fields. For example, you cannot change the incident number when you view an existing incident record. The fields that are protected depends on the form and your user rights.

Tabbing through fields

To tab through fields, press Ctrl+Tab. If you use the Tab key, Service Manager processes the Tab character as the content of the field and treats it as invalid data for multi-line text fields. However, you can use the Tab key to tab through regular input fields, such as fill fields or comfill fields.