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Record list

The HPE Service Manager database is a set of files that contains records. You can search, modify, create, and delete these records. Records may contain information about the following items:

  • Users
  • Configuration items
  • Interaction reports
  • Incidents
  • Changes
  • Requests

You can locate records by using a query, which is a search performed on the Service Manager database. A record list query is a search of the database using the information you know about a specific record. If Service Manager finds multiple records that match your search parameters, it displays a record list. You can double-click any record from the list to view it in a form.

When you access a record, you can browse (view only) or update the record. Your ability to update the record depends on your user profile. For example, a Service Desk user may not have permission to approve a change record.

Alternate forms

System Administrators can modify Service Manager so that alternate forms are available to some users. In this situation, the Alternate Forms option in the More Actions menu is available. User can select the form to use to display the information. Administrators do this to display different views such as financial or security information.

Administrators can specify alternate forms to display a list of records or to display a single record.