Configuration Administrator

The Configuration Administrator user role has the following responsibilities:

  • Based on successful implemented change, assess current Configuration Items (CIs) and adjust CI details if required.
  • Create new CIs if allowed and register all required information.
  • Label new CIs and relate CIs to contracts.
  • Periodically (or on request) generate status reports and distribute to stakeholders.

To execute this role, the Configuration Administrator has the following tasks available.

Note For an overview of how these tasks fit in the Configuration Management workflow, see Configuration Management user tasks.

ITIL workflow Task
Configuration management and planning (ST 3.1)
Configuration identification (ST 3.2)
Configuration control (ST 3.3)
Configuration status accounting and reporting (ST 3.4)
Configuration verification and audit (ST 3.5)
  • None
Manage master data (ST 3.6)