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Upgrade the Release Control integration

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of HPE Service Manager, after you have upgraded the Service Manager applications, you need to upgrade the Release Control (RC) integration in Integration Manager (SMIS). This upgrade includes deleting the old RC integration instance, adding a new one and re-configuring the integration parameters.

Note If you are also upgrading your UCMDB and RC environments when upgrading the integration, you are recommended to do the upgrades in the following order (otherwise the integration may not work properly after the upgrades):

  1. Upgrade UCMDB. For details, refer to the UCMDB documentation.
  2. Upgrade RC. For details, refer to the Release Control documentation.
  3. Upgrade Service Manager. For details, see the following steps.

To upgrade the RC integration in Service Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to Service Manager as a System Administrator.
  2. Upgrade the Service Manager applications. For details, see the HPE Service Manager Upgrade Guide.
  3. Click Tailoring > Integration Manager.
  4. Delete the old RC integration instance.
  5. Add a new RC integration instance. For detailed steps, see Add a Release Control integration.

    Note The following RC integration parameters were introduced or renamed after the Service Manager 9.20 release.

    Parameter Description
    rc.username (New) The user name of the RC user account that manages multitenancy in RC.
    rc.password (New) The password of the RC user account that manages multitenancy in RC.
    rcStandalone (New) Set to true to enable the RC integration to work without UCMDB; when set to false, both Service Manager and RC must integrate with UCMDB for the integration to work. (Renamed from the specified.service.desk parameter in version 9.20) This is the name you specified when configuring the RC adapter for the Service Manager server.
    rcSimplified Specify this value to true, a simplified and Section 508 compliant RC widget is embedded in SM.
  6. Enable the RC integration instance.