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Release Control integration setup

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

To set up an Release Control (RC) integration, follow these steps:

  1. Configure the RC adapter

    This task creates an adapter in RC to enable RC to access the HPE Service Manager server.

  2. Add a Release Control integration

    This task adds an RC integration and enables it in Integration Manager. This will enable users to launch the RC Calendar and Change Assessment from within Service Manager.

    Note The RC integration can work either without or with UCMDB. This is controlled by the rcStandalone parameter you specify when adding the RC integration.

  3. Enable LW-SSO for the Release Control integration

    This task is highly recommended. Enabling LW-SSO for the integration will enable RC to call a Service Manager web service through LW-SSO, and will bypass the login prompts when users launch the RC Calendar from within Service Manager.

  4. Configure language and time zone for the RC integration

    This task is required only when your Service Manager needs to provide login languages other than the 14 out-of-box languages (through open localization) and when you want to enable time zones other than the 51 out-of-box time zones.

  5. Show custom Service Manager fields in Release Control Analysis

    This task is required only when you want to expose custom fields to the RC Analysis module. This includes adding custom fields to an extaccess record (ChangeRC) in Service Manager and configuring RC to show the custom fields you exposed.

  6. Verify the RC integration setup

    Perform this task to check if you have successfully set up your RC integration.