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Release Control Calendar

When a Release Control (RC) integration is set up in HPE Service Manager, you can access the RC Calendar from the System Navigator, from related records of changes (interactions, incidents, and problems), and from Change Management.

The Change Requests — Calendar View pane in RC displays change requests that have been processed by HPE Release Control for each calendar day in calendar format. The change requests that appear are those that are included in the currently active filter.

This pane displays the change requests in calendar and/or list format depending on which viewing mode you selected:

  • Day and Week mode. Displays the change requests processed by HPE Release Control in both table and calendar format.
  • Month mode. Displays the number of change requests for each calendar day as a link.

For more information, refer to HPE Release Control User Guide.

Note If you disable the RC Calendar, RC time period management, impact analysis, risk analysis and other integrated functions are disabled simultaneously.