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Change Assessment

The Analysis module displays a detailed analysis of each change request that has entered the system. Change Advisory Board (CAB) members can view information such as the potential impact of the change and the possible risk involved in implementation. The CAB uses this information to make more informed and accurate decisions regarding the approval of planned changes.

  • Assess > Impact Describes how to view the impact analysis calculation results for a change request. See how the business and system configuration items (CIs) are affected by the change request.
  • Assess > Collisions Displays details about all the change requests that collide with the change request selected in the Change Requests pane.
  • Assess > Risk Enables you to view the risk analysis for a change request. See an overall summary of the risk analysis for the selected change request, including distribution charts of the risk factors contributing to the Potential Damage and Probability of Failure calculations. These distribution charts enable you to pinpoint the most significant factors contributing towards the risk level of the selected change request.
  • Assess > Similar Changes Displays a list of changes that are similar to the change request selected in the Change Requests or Action Items pane.
  • Assess > Time Period Conflicts Displays the time period conflicts in which the selected change request is scheduled to take place either outside of a Change Window (periods in which change requests are allowed to take place) or within a Blackout period (periods in which change requests are not allowed to take place).