Deleting document categories

You can delete a document category, but you should verify first that there are no documents in the category or in the subcategories under the category. When you delete a category, the system will not allow you to delete the category if there are documents in the category or one of its subcategories. However, if the documents are retired, the system will warn you that there are documents present in the category or its subcategories, but it will still allow you to delete the category. The category being deleted is removed from the retired documents record so that the document is no longer associated with the deleted category.

Documents cannot be managed in the knowledge management system without an assigned category because the Knowledge Management uses document categories to control access to the knowledge documents. All published documents and pending documents must have a category associated with them. Draft and retired documents do not require an assigned category.

A user with a KM ADMIN profile can view and unretire a document that does not have a category associated with it. If the KM ADMIN unretires a retired document without a category, the document is put in the workflow as a draft document.

When you unretire a document that has at least one category associated with it, the system puts the document into the workflow as a pending document.