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Using a Scheduled Maintenance template

Scheduled Maintenance follows a series of steps when it applies a default template to a new maintenance task.

  • A user selects Generate Recurring Incidents, Changes, or Requests from the More Actions menu in Incident Management, Change Management, or Request Management.
  • Scheduled Maintenance uses the default incident template specified in the Scheduled Maintenance Administration form.
  • Scheduled Maintenance creates a Scheduled Maintenance task. When the task runs, it creates a new Incident record that looks like the template record.
  • A user can subsequently modify the record.

The new record does not copy the template exactly. The default template record may reference another piece of hardware. Scheduled Maintenance overrides the template record category with the default Incident Management category for the Configuration Item (CI) as it appears in the Configuration Management record. It also replaces the device ID with the correct device ID.