Administer > Scheduled Maintenance > Create an Incident record from a Scheduled Maintenance task

Create an Incident record from a Scheduled Maintenance task

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

To create an Incident record from a Scheduled Maintenance task:

  1. Click System Administration > Base System Configuration > Scheduled Maintenance > Scheduled Maintenance Tasks.
    HPE Service Manager displays a blank Scheduled Maintenance form.
  2. Specify the required information on the Description and Schedule tabs
  3. Click the Effect tab and select one of the following.
    • Create One Incident Ticket
    • Create one Incident Ticket for each Device of Class X at location Y.
  4. If you selected Create One Incident Ticket for each Device of Class X at location Y, do the following:
    1. Select the asset type in the Open for this Device Type field.
    2. Select the location in the At Location field.
    3. You can specify the selection of assets to be maintained. Click Use Advanced Query. Service Manager replaces the location and asset based selection boxes with All Devices Matching This Query.
    4. Type the query in the All Devices Matching This Query field. Scheduled Maintenance requires that you specify a query in All Devices Matching This Query if you select Use Advanced Query. It does not validate this value. It is recommended that you test all queries using Asset Management to ensure that the query returns the correct records in a production environment.
    Note: Unless you change Max Generation Count, Service Manager generates a maximum of 50 records.
  5. Click the Details tab to display a list of fields for the Incident records.
  6. Complete the following fields.
    1. Open Incident Tickets of Category
    2. Assign to
    3. Set Status to
    4. With Ticket Owner of
    5. With Priority Code of
    6. With a Company of
  7. If you are creating one Incident record, select the asset using the appropriate drop-down list. If you are creating a group of Incident records, Work on This Device is not available. Instead, Scheduled Maintenance automatically sets a value as it works its way though your Configuration Items (CIs) to create records for each relevant asset.
  8. Type optional Expressions for the record.
  9. Choose a Format Control record for the record.
  10. Click the Parts & Labor tab. When Service Desk generates the Incident record, it automatically copies any parts and labor estimates that you specify here. Cost estimating tools also use this information.