Administer > Scheduled Maintenance > Check the execution details of a task

Check the execution details of a task

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

To check the execution details of a task:

  1. Click System Administration > Base System Configuration > Scheduled Maintenance > Execution Details.
  2. Type or select the search criteria. You can search by one of the following.

    Field nameDescription
    IDA unique identifier that Scheduled Maintenance gives to every task it creates.
    ClassOne of three values: incident, change, or request.
    NumberThe incident number, change number, or Request Management quote number of the created task.
    Opened atThe time the task opened.
    Closed atThe time the task closed.
    Task IDThe HPE Service Manager ID of an Incident record, change request or Request Management quote.
    Logical NameThe Service Manager asset against which scheduled maintenance runs. For example, all maintenance history for the email server.

  3. Click Find to locate the record.
  4. If you do not have search criteria, insert the cursor in the field and click Search to locate the record, or use the drop-down calendar to specify a date.

If you have the task open in Scheduled Maintenance, you can click the History tab > Execution Details.