Create a startup menu for an operator

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

You can create a custom startup menu for an operator by using the Forms Designer. You can designate the custom startup menu as the initial starting application of a user’s operator record. When the operator logs in, Service Manager displays your custom startup menu to the operator.

To create a startup menu for an operator:

  1. Click Tailoring > Forms Designer.
  2. In the Form field, type the form name for the custom startup menu.
  3. In the Language field, type or select the language used to display the form. If this field is blank, the form uses the same language as Service Manager.
  4. Click New.
  5. Do one of the following:

    • Click Yes to create a form with the Form Wizard.
    • Click No to create a form manually.
  6. Add the desired form components to your startup menu form.
  7. When your new form is complete, click OK to exit the design mode.
  8. Click OK again to save your new form.
  9. Click Tailoring > Tailoring Tools > Menus.
  10. In the Menu Name field, type the name of the custom startup menu in uppercase.
  11. In the Format field, type the name of the startup form you created in step 2.
  12. Add any options for the startup menu.

    Menu optionPurpose
    Option #The option number on the startup form must match the Button ID in the Forms Designer.
    GroupEnter the security group, if any, required to access this application.
    DescriptionType a description of the menu option. This description is only visible from this form and is separate from the caption for the button you defined in the Forms Designer.
    CommandType an optional command line entry.
    ApplicationType the form or name of the application to run.
    Parameter NameType an optional parameter to be passed to the application.
    Parameter ValueType the value of the passed parameter.
    ThreadType true if the application is to run in a separate thread.

    Type one of the following:

    • true — makes the application available to all users.
    • index("capability word",$lo.ucapex)>0 — makes the application available to users who have the capability word listed in the condition.

  13. Click Add.

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