File <SMSSMEX_installDir>/config/ must specify the local helpdesk installation. The file comments describe how to do this.

Caution To configure the passwords, use command line application <SMSSMEX_installDir>/bin/encryptPasswords.bat|sh (do not enter the password directly in the file; passwords are stored in encrypted format). There are several sensitive fields that must be encrypted. These fields are discussed below. For more information about using encryptPasswords.bat|sh, see Tools.

The following parameters must be configured:

  • Service Manager web service endpoint
  • To connect to a Service Manager:

    sc.webservice.endpoint = http://<ServiceManager host>:<Port>/sc62server/PWS
  • To connect to a ServiceCenter:

    sc.webservice.endpoint = http://<ServiceCenter host>:<Port>/sc62server/ws
  • The following are required parameters:

    sc.user=<web service endpoint access user name>

    sc.password=<encrypted password>

    Note sc.password must be filled by encryptPasswords.bat|sh. SMSSMEX supports SSL connections to Service Manager, but the parameter values are different than above and additional parameters must be set (see Security between SAP Solution Manager and Tomcat).

  • SMSSMEX database configuration information:

    ovictex.db.type= <oracle | sqlserver><database server address>
    ovictex.db.port=<database server port number>
    ovictex.db.instance=<sqlserver database server instance><database name or oracle DB SID>
    ovictex.db.user=<database user name>
    ovictex.db.password=<database password>

    Note contains examples. ovictex.db.password must be filled by encryptPasswords.bat|sh.

  • One or more External Helpdesk instance names.

    • Parameters are<number>, where <number> is a number {1,…,n}.
    • First number must be 1 and each number must be greater than the previous.
    • ExtHdInstanceName differentiates multiple External Helpdesks and is the name of the subfolder in <SMSSMEX_installDir>/config and the ExtHd configuration file.
  • Incident category in Service Manager.
  • Property ovhd.incident.informationlog.entry.separator should be configured to a unique value that is not contained in messages exchanged between Helpdesks. By default it is configured to “----”. Service Manager must be configured to use this separator to append information to the Journal. If this separator is contained in a message then duplicate information could be sent to the external Helpdesk (no data is lost).