External Helpdesks

Main configuration file <SMSSMEX_installDir>/config/ovictex.properties must define all External Helpdesk Instances. For example:

  • exthd.instances.id.1 = exthd1
  • exthd.instances.id.2 = SAP_exthd2
  • exthd.instances.id.3 = NY200BM

Each external helpdesk has the following configuration files:

  • <ExtHdInstanceName>.properties
  • FieldMapping.xml

    Note The same names (such as exthd1, SAP_exthd2, NY200BM) must be used for the names of subfolders with specific configuration file names. The names must not contain spaces or special characters. The default configuration comes with a defined exthd1 sample External Helpdesk configuration.

To create a new instance:

  1. Add a new line in the ovictex.properties file for the new ExtHd.

    exthd.instances.id.2 = exthd2

  2. Create the new subfolder <SMSSMEX_installDir>/config/exthd2.
  3. Copy the configuration files for exthd1 to exthd2.
  4. Rename <SMSSMEX_installDir>/config/exthd2/exthd1.properties to <SMSSMEX_installDir>/config/exthd2/exthd2.properties.
  5. Make the required changes to the new files.
  6. The following parameters must be configured in <ExtHdInstanceName>.properties:

    exthd.webservice.endpoint = http://<SolutionManager host>:<Port>/sap/bc/srt/rfc/sap/ICT_SERVICE_DESK_API?SAP-CLIENT=<SAP client number>

    exthd.webservice.authentication.scheme = BASIC

    exthd.webservice.authentication.username = <SAP client user name>

    exthd.webservice.authentication.password = <encrypted SAP client user password>

    IMG activity guides you to SAP transaction /nsmicm. Select the activity in menu Goto > Services.

    This transaction shows the host and port for access to the SAP Solution Manager Service Desk web service. Specify the host/port in <ExtHdInstanceName>.properties as the endpoint entry.

    Note exthd.webservice.authentication.password must be filled by encryptPasswords.bat|sh.