Deploying on WebLogic

  1. Before starting the WebLogic server, set an environment variable named "SMSSMEX_HOME" to the pathname where this application is installed.

    For example, if the WebLogic server is installed in the /opt/Micro Focus/SMSSMEX directory, set the environment variable to the following:

    $ export SMSSMEX_HOME=/opt/MicroFocus/SMSSMEX

  2. Start the WebLogic server and launch the WebLogic administration console.
  3. Deploy the ovictex.war file in the /opt/MicroFocus/SMSSMEX/war directory. See the following steps for an example:

    1. Select Domain Structure > Deployments and click Install.
    2. Use the Install Application Assistant to locate the ovictex.war file.
    3. Select Install this deployment as an application and click Next until last step.
    4. Click Finish to exit the installation wizard.

    For advanced configuration, refer to BEA WebLogic Server Administration Console Online Help for more information.

    Note We recommend that you deploy SMSSMEX on WebLogic 12 or later because there is a known issue QCCR1E128427 for WebLogic 11(version: