Install and configure the standalone IdM service

Important This topic describes how to install and configure the standalone version of the IdM service released with Service Manager. If your organization is using the Service Manager Service Portal user portal, you must use the IdM service bundled with Service Manager Service Portal instead. For more information, see Configure SAML SSO using the Service Portal IdM.

Service Manager (SM) leverages Micro Focus Identity Manager (IdM) to support Single Sign-On (SSO) using SAML 2.0. To set up SAML SSO for Service Manager, you need to install the IdM service and create a trust relationship with a third-party identity provider (IdP, such as Microsoft ADFS). In the SAML SSO process, the IdM service acts as a service provider (SP) to the IdP.

Next steps

Next, you need to configure SAML authentication in the Service Manager Server, Web Tier, SRC, and Mobility Client and verify that your SAML SSO setup is successful. For details, see Configure SAML SSO in Service Manager (using standalone IdM).