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Configure the survey scheduling rules

The Scheduling Rules section of the survey definition record in Service Manager Survey Integration enables you to configure the duration of the survey and how often survey requests are sent out.

  1. Open a survey definition record by creating a new survey or by searching for an existing survey.
  2. Scroll down to the Scheduling Rules section.
  3. Select the interval at which survey requests are sent from the Send Interval drop-down list.

    Note Survey Administrators can configure the options that appear in the Sending Interval drop-down list by modifying the SurveySendInterval types in the Code table. The value is in seconds.

  4. Enter the survey start date in the Active From field.

    Note This date cannot be in the past.

  5. Enter the survey end date in the To field, and then click Save.

    Note This date must be later than the date in the Active From field.

To configure a survey that runs one time only, follow these steps:

  1. In the Scheduling Rules section of a survey definition record, set the Send Internal field to Every hour.

  2. Set the Active From field to the start time that you require.

  3. Set the To field to a time that is 10 minutes later than the time that you entered in the Active from field.

Note If the time difference between the Active From and the To fields is less than 5 minutes, the survey may not run.

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