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Create a new parameter

Parameters are predefined values that provide surveys in Service Manager with the correct metadata. Survey Administrators can create additional parameters that are available to survey users when they configure a survey connector. Parameters are associated with specific Service Manager modules.

To create a new parameter, follow these steps:

  1. Open a survey connector by creating a new connector or by searching for an existing connector.
  2. Browse to the Parameters and Recipients section, and then expand the Service Manager module to which you want to add a parameter.
  3. Expand Parameters, and then click Add Parameter to display the Survey Parameter Mapping form. The ID, Connector ID, Last update time, Last updated by, and Object fields and the Active check-box are populated automatically.
  4. Type a user-friendly description of the parameter in the Description field.
  5. Type the internal name for the parameter in the Parameter Name (Internal) field.
  6. Select the order in which the parameter is processed in the Order ID field (this step applies only to API-based connectors).
  7. Select a mapping type from the Mapping Type drop-down list.
  8. Type a constant value, variable, field name, or RAD expression in the Mapping Value field, and then click Save.

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