Manage Items in Catalog


A catalog contains published catalog items in the Service Manager Service Portal for consumer fulfillment.

The Organization Administrator can use the Items tab of the Catalogs application to view the list of all catalog items that are published in a catalog and to access the Catalog Items application to manage catalog items.



To list all catalog items in a catalog:

  1. From the Launchpad, click the Catalogs application. The Catalogs view is displayed.
  2. Click the catalog for which you want view the catalog items.
  3. In the Catalog Details view, click the Items tab.

    The Items view is displayed and all catalog items in the catalog are listed.

You can click a catalog item to manage it in the Catalog Items application. (See Catalog Items for details.)

Tip To add a catalog item to a catalog, go to the Catalog Items application to create the item and to publish the item to the catalog. (See Catalog Items for details.)


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