Grant Catalog Access Control


A catalog contains published catalog items in the Service Manager Service Portal for consumer fulfillment.

The Organization Administrator uses the Access Control tab of the Catalogs application to grant group access to published catalog items in a catalog. When the Organization Administrator specifies group access to a catalog, all members of the group have access to all catalog items in the catalog.

Tip The Organization Administrator can control access to individual catalog items in a catalog. Refer to Catalog Item Access Control for details.

To have all catalog items in a catalog visible to all authenticated users of a consumer organization, make sure all the organization's groups appear in the Access Control view for the catalog.



To allow an LDAP group to access a catalog:

  1. From the Launchpad, click the Catalogs application. The Catalogs view is displayed.
  2. In the Catalogs view, click the catalog for which you want to change LDAP group access.
  3. In the Catalog Details view, click the Access Control tab.
  4. In the Access Control view, click the drop-down menu in the Who has access area to view the available groups that can be granted access to the catalog. Alternatively, you can type the beginning of the group name to display it
  5. In the drop-down menu, select the group you want to allow access to the catalog.

    Tip You can add or remove multiple groups in the drop-down menu field.

  6. Click Add to save your changes and grant all specified groups access to the catalog.

    The selected LDAP groups now have access to the Service Manager Service Portal catalog.

Note To remove access for an LDAP group, click . Confirm the removal.


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