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Promote or delete records in the protocore

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

In this example, we create a Problem Management solutions candidate and promote it to the central Knowledge Base (core table).

  1. Log in to the Service Manager Windows client.
  2.  Open a new problem and add a solution.
    1. From the System Navigator, click Problem Management > Problem Control > Create New Problem.
    2. Open a new problem, input the desired text in the problem description field, complete other required fields, and then click Save.
    3. Click Next Phase.
    4. Provide a Closure Code, a Root Cause Description, and Suggested Workaround.
    5. Open the Activities section and update the New Update Type and New Update fields.
    6. Click Save to save the Problem, and then click Close Problem to close it.
    7. Click More or the More Actions icon, and select Post to Knowledge.

      The server displays a message stating that the problem record has been successfully posted as a solution candidate.

  3. Click Tailoring > Knowledge Engineering > Solution Candidates.

    IR Expert launches the Solution Candidate Editor.

  4. Search and open the solution candidate posted from the problem record. For example, on the Source Key/Info tab, you can type the problem record number (such as PM10001), and then click Search.
  5. To move the record into the central Knowledge Base, click Promote.

    The server removes the promoted knowledge item from the list.

  6. Click OK to exit.
  7. From the System Navigator, click System Definitions > Tables > Core.
  8. In the Table management section, click Regenerate IR index.
  9. Select Now to re-index the file immediately, or select Later to do so at a later time.
  10. Wait until the IR Regen is complete, and click View all records in the table
  11. Scroll down to the bottom part of the list, and double-click the core table record to see the newly-promoted knowledge item.

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