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Mark an incident record as a solution candidate

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

When you recommend a solution, you are suggesting that the solution is a good candidate for the Knowledge Base. This option is available only when you close an incident record.

To mark an incident record as a solution candidate:

  1. Click Incident Management > Search Incidents.
  2. Type the incident number and then click Search.
    You can also click Search to generate a record list of existing incidents. Double-click a record to display it in the Incident form.
  3. Click Close Incident.
    The status changes to Closed.
  4. In the Closure Code field, click Fill to select a code.
  5. In the Solution field, type a description of the solution to the incident record.
  6. If the resolution should be saved to the Service Manager knowledge base, select the Knowledge Candidate checkbox.
  7. Click Save.

The system automatically replicates relevant data from the incident record into the Knowledge Base candidate (protocore) file.

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