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Access Incident Management reports

Applies to User Roles:

Incident Manager

Incident Coordinator

The Reporting tool in Service Manager provides a number of out-of-box reports on the incident data in your system. You can view these reports through a dashboard named Incident Overview (Global). You can also create your own dashboards to display other reports of your interest.

To access Incident Management reports, follow these steps:

  1. Click Incident Management > Incident Overview.

    By default, the Incident Overview (Global) dashboard is displayed.

  2. View the reports on the dashboard. For descriptions of these reports, see Report descriptions and usage.
  3. Add your own dashboards as needed. For details, see Update a dashboard

    Your custom dashboards are added to the dashboard list on the toolbar of the dashboard page.

    Tip You can click Export to export the reports on a dashboard to PDF format.

  4. Click the Open dashboard settings icon on a dashboard to set its properties, or click the Set as Default Dashboard button to set it as your default one.

Report descriptions and usage

Update a dashboard