Update an incident

Applies to User Roles:

Sometimes you need to update an existing incident record for reasons, such as reassigning the incident to another group or changing the priority of the incident record. When you update the incident record, you can also include helpful information in the Update field of the Activities section.

To update an incident:

  1. Click Incident Management > Search Incidents.
  2. Use search or advanced search to find one or more records.
  3. Select a record to display it.
  4. Make any necessary changes. For example, if you want to reassign the incident record to another group:
    • Clear the assignment group in the Assignment Group field, and then click Fill. A list of assignment groups is displayed.
    • Select the new assignment group from the list.
  5. Open the Activities section to do the following:
    • Add notes in the Update field with the reason why the incident has been updated or to add other helpful information.
    • If necessary, click the New Update Type list to categorize the activity update.
  6. When you are finished with your updates, click Save & Exit.

Note: When you view an existing incident, shaded fields are read-only fields. Incident Management populates these fields from information stored in associated records. You can update the associated record to increase the amount of information in this incident record.

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