Close multiple incident records

Applies to User Roles:
System Administrator

You can close multiple incident records or a set of incident records using mass close. For example, you may want to close multiple incident records that have been rejected.

To close multiple incident records:

  1. Click Incident Management > Search Incidents.
  2. Use search or advanced search to find one or more records. Select the View list of incident records you want to close. For example, select Rejected Incidents to close multiple incident records that have been rejected.
  3. Using the scroll bar and the ctrl key, click the individual records that you want to include in the mass close. Each record you select remains highlighted.
  4. Click Mass Close. The Mass Close Incidents form opens.
  5. Provide resolution information in the following fields:
    • Fix Type: select permanent or temporary.
    • If the service delivery units were unable to fix the issue, select SDU unable to fix.
    • Click Fill in the Resolution Code field to generate a record list of possible resolutions and choose one.
    • Click Fill in the Resolution Analysis Code field and choose one.
    • Click Next.
    • Type an explanation in the Solution field.
  6. Click Finish. The mass close process starts, and then displays each incident number as it is closed. A message also states that related interactions will be processed normally.

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