Resolve an incident

Applies to User Roles:

When you find an existing solution that resolves an incident, you can attach the solution to the incident record and close the record. You can also save the resolution as a candidate for the knowledgebase.

To resolve an incident:

  1. Click Incident Management > Search Incidents.
  2. Use search or advanced search to find one or more records.
  3. Double-click a record to display it in the Incident form.
  4. Document the solution:
    • If the solution or workaround is from a knowledgebase document, click Use Solution to add the solution to the Solution field of the incident record. The Use Solution button only appears if the selected knowledgebase record or document contains a solution or workaround.

      Note: If the knowledge document is a working copy of a published document, no Use Solution display option appears.
    • If the solution or workaround is from a related record, type the solution in the Solution field on the Incident section.
  5. Select the Activities section and do the following:
    1. In the New Update Type field list, select an update type.
    2. In the New Update field, type a note to explain how you resolved the incident.
  6. If the resolution should be saved to the Service Manager Knowledge Database, check Knowledge Candidate.
  7. Click Fill in the Closure Code field to select a closure code.
  8. Click Close Incident. The status changes to Resolved.
  9. Update or accept the specified outage start and end times.
  10. Click Save & Exit.

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