Access Incident Management views

Applies to User Roles:

Incident Management views contained in the Favorites and Dashboards navigation pane enable you to easily and quickly access specific types of records. When the database changes, the dashboard contents change to reflect current activity.

To view your favorites, click Favorites and Dashboards > Incident Management. HPE Service Manager provides the following default Incident Management views:

  • (1) Monitor OLA-UC Incident - Breached
  • (2) Monitor OLA-UC Incident - Breach within 1 hour
  • (3) Monitor OLA-UC Incident - Breach within 4 hours
  • (4) Monitor OLA-UC Incident - Breach within 1 day
  • All Open Incidents
  • Incidents by Assignment Group
  • Open Incidents Assigned to Me
  • Open Incidents I Own

Note: The Monitor OLA-UC breached views contain incident records that measure the performance of individual support groups and applicable vendors. The records that are close to breaching an agreement or that already have breached an agreement can be seen in these views.