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Differences between the Windows and web clients

The web client offers the same basic features as the Windows client. Each client also has unique features.

Feature Windows client? Web client? Comment
Accessibility support No Yes  
Charts Yes Yes You cannot change chart colors in the web client. The Context (right-click) menu is not available. You can use favorite properties to edit chart properties if you make the chart a favorite.
Collapsible Groups No Yes In the web client, groups can be displayed as collapsible sections on forms. In the Windows clients, groups are expanded and cannot be collapsed by the user.
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Yes Yes


Count records Yes Yes

Windows client: Click Count on the right side of the record list toolbar. Count icon
The Windows client displays the total number of records to the right of the Count icon.
Web client: There are two ways to count records in the web client.

  1. Click More, and then Count. The web client displays a message with the total number of records
  2. From the paging control on the bottom of the record list frame, click the Count Records button. The web client displays the total number of records to the right of the Count Records button in the paging control.

Database administration Yes No  
Debugger Yes No  
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) support Yes Yes

Note DDE is available in the web Client only in the CTI interface.

Employee self-service mode No Yes A simplified interface to submit requests to Service Desk.
Export lists to Excel Yes No

Note The web client can only export lists to text files, which you can manually import to Excel.

Forms designer Yes No  
Multi-platform client support No Yes Use a supported web browser listed in the Service Manager product Support Matrix on the HPE Customer Support website.
More Actions menu Yes Yes Windows client: Click the down-arrow icon in the upper right corner. Option icon
Web client: Click the More button on the detail or record list toolbar.
Right-clicking (to open the More Actions menu) Yes No Windows client: Right-clicking in a form displays the More Actions menu for that form, and right-clicking in a record list displays the More Actions menu for that record list.
Web client: Right-clicking a form or record list displayed in the web client does not open the More Actions menu. Instead, the web browser's context menu opens.
System tailoring Yes No  
System Definition utility Yes No You must enable the Administration plug-in.
URL navigation No Yes  
Mandatory fields Yes Yes Windows client:  Indicated by a small red triangle in the upper left hand corner of the field
Web client:  Indicated by a red asterisk to the left of the field
Process Designer workflow No Yes