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HPE Service Manager works with both case-sensitive and case-insensitive databases, enabling you to set things up the way that best meets your needs. Your users will be able to search for data case-sensitively or insensitively, as you choose. To achieve this, all servers and clients must be set to the same sensitivity.

Service Manager supports both case-sensitive and case-insensitive databases on Microsoft SQL server and Oracle. If you use IBM DB2 Universal, you must set the system to be case-sensitive. You can configure the case-sensitivity of your Microsoft SQL server or Oracle database when you set it up. For more information, refer to the HPE Service Manager Installation Guide.

  • Prior to converting a system to be case-insensitive, you must first ensure that your RDBMS supports case-insensitivity.
  • HPE recommends implementing case-insensitive searching on a test system prior to setting it up on your production system.