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Purging out-of-box data

Before your system goes live, all testing data records and out-of-box demonstration data records should be deleted. We recommend that you use the pre-defined PurgeOutofBoxData unload script record to remove this data.

To purge the data, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Database Manager, and open the unload table.
  2. Select the PurgeOutofBoxData record.
  3. Double-check that all the listed tables should be purged.

    • If a table should not be purged, remove the line from the unload script record.
    • Add or modify a query (for example, add name=”failsave” to the operator line) as needed.
    • Add more tables (such as knownerrortasks and rootcausetasks) to the list of tables to purge, if information was entered during testing.
  4. Click Proceed.