Service Manager stores each attachment as a set of separate records in the SYSATTACHMENTS table. The SYSATTACHMENTS table stores each attachment as a logical record consisting of:

  • Unique identifier
  • File name
  • MIME type
  • File size
  • Application (the name of the table to which the attachment relates)
  • Topic (the value of the primary key in the related table)

For example, Application would contain the name kmdocument for a Knowledge Management document attachment.

Each logical record consists of one or more segments where the server stores portions of the attachment. Administrators can set the attachment segment size with the attachmentsegmentsize system parameter.

The SYSATTACHMENTS table allows administrators to easily identify all the attachments stored in their system. In addition, it improves system performance since the server can read information about each attachment individually. The server no longer has to open all attachment records to generate a list of attachments. In addition, the server no longer has to open all other attachments for a user to make a change in any individual attachment.