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System Definition

The System Definition section of the System Navigator is an administrative tool that enables you to view and modify system tables and their components:

  • Fields
  • Keys
  • Links
  • Forms
  • Records

You can use the System Definition section if you have the Admin plug-in installed and the SysAdmin capability word enabled in your user profile. If you have SysAdmin rights, but the Admin plug-in is not installed, you can view the System Definition section but you cannot change it.

Administrators can do the following:

  • View, add, change, or delete forms, links, records, triggers, and Data Policy records.
  • Use the System Definition utility to add help or create an alias for any field.
  • View, add, change, or delete database dictionary definitions.
  • View, add, change, or delete SQL mappings to a back-end RDBMS.
  • Open, reset, regenerate, and copy database dictionary definitions.
  • Add, change, copy, and delete keys and fields.
  • Count the number of records in logical tables

Each time you right-click a node in the System Definition section, the System Navigator displays a Context menu of available actions.