Edit a category

Applies to User Roles:

Service Catalog Manager

  1. Click Service Catalog > Administration > Manage Items.
  2. Select an existing category from the In Category drop-down list.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Select a category from the record list.
  5. Add or change information on the form. If necessary, press F1 (web client) or Ctrl+H (Windows client) to view help for each field.

    For example, add or change the following fields on the Category Details tab.

    Field Description
    Name The unique name of the bundle or item. This is a mandatory field.
    Display Name The display name of the bundle or item.
    Owner Group The assignment group to which the owner of this category belongs.
    Owner The contact who is the owner of the process related to this category.
    Parent Categories The hierarchical parents of the bundle or item. A parent must be a category.
    Description A short description of the bundle or item.
    Current Phase This read-only field indicates the current phase of the item in the service lifecycle.

    The current lifecycle status of the bundle or item. Available Status values vary depending on the current workflow phase of the bundle or item:

    • Service Catalog phase: Requirements, Defined, Analyzed, Approved, and Chartered, Designed, Developed, Built, Tested, Released, Operational, and Retiring.
    • Retired Service phase: Retired.
    Non-cart category A check box that indicates if the category is a non-cart category that includes non-cart items. Once you select the Non-cart category check box, the Support category check box appears.
    Contains Select either Categories or Items/bundles to indicate contents of the category.
    Sort Order The sort order of the values in the Status list.
  6. On the Access tab, update the list of capability words that control access to the category, or leave it blank to make the category available to all users.
  7. On the Attachments tab, upload supporting documents for the category.
  8. On the Subcategories tab, add subcategories for the category.
  9. On the Image tab, specify an image for the category or remove the existing image.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Click OK.