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Implementing version control for your tailoring

HPE Service Manager provides comprehensive and fully-integrated IT service management through variously customized applications. Although Service Manager already provides an in-tool revision control based on the individual record, it has always been a challenge to implement version control for customization stacks. As of version 9.33, Service Manager can integrate with Apache Subversion (SVN) to provide a version control solution for your customized applications.

Note This topic does not cover the basic concept of version control and the usage of Apache Subversion. Please refer to Apache Subversion homepage for details.

In short, it takes three steps to build up your version control process by using SVN:

  1. A system administrator exports all the applications records from Service Manager and check in the exported files to an SVN server to create a baseline repository.

  2. Developers check out the latest version of the applications records and import them into a local Service Manager development environment.

  3. Developers customize the applications according to site-specific requirements, and check in the changes to the SVN server.

    The following flow chart illustrates your version control process: