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Windows client

HPE Service Manager includes both Windows and Web clients. The Windows client is intended for administators and implementers, while the Web client is suitable for most end users. The Windows client enables you to design forms and work with the dbdict; capabilities that are not available to the Web client user.

The Windows client includes the following features:

A dynamic user interface that you can customize with preferences to change the way you interact with perspectives and views
Windows client update capability
Client/server connection
A Connection dialog that enables you to define multiple connections to different servers and saves them from one session to another
Automatic connection for connection profiles with the automatic logon option enabled
System Navigator
Favorites folder to save shortcuts to frequently used applications, forms, and queries
Simplified access to forms, files, and records through the System Navigator
Application-specific user interface elements
A graphical workflow used by the Request and Change Management applications
Charts and dashboards to show data graphically
Field help
Help for end users and administrators
Other features
UTF-8 (Unicode) support to display data in any language
SOAP-based client/server communication
Automatic reconnection of client/server sessions after brief network connection disruptions