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Create an input form for the wizard

This form is the first form to display in the work order wizard. The user enters the information the user needs to provide for the wizard to create the work order record. Use Forms Designer to create this form. For this example, the form name is createWO.assigneeAndCIs.

To create an input form for the wizard, follow these steps:

  1. From the System Navigator, click Tailoring > Forms Designer to open Forms Designer.
  2. Type createWO.assigneeAndCIs in the Form for the form name.
  3. Click New. You do not need to use the Forms Designer wizard for this form.
  4. Create the following input fields on the form:

    • Description (Please enter a description of the work to be done)
    • Due date (Please enter the due date for this work order)
    • Assignee (Please enter the assignee for this work order)
    • CIs (Please enter the CIs this work order is for)
  5. The Properties for this form should include:

    • Input: RelatedCIs
    • Value List: $relatedCIs
    • Sortable: checked
  6. Click Save.

The following figure shows a sample createWO.assigneeAndCIs form for the EXWorkorder wizard input form.