Change Management overview

The Service Manager Change Management process enables you to control changes to baseline service assets and configuration items across the entire service life cycle. It helps you to control the process to request, manage, approve, and control changes that modify your organizational infrastructure. This includes assets, such as network environments, facilities, telephony, and resources.

The Service Manager Change Management application supports the Change Management process. It incorporates the essential concepts of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to ensure that the best practices of IT service management in place. The Change Management application help you to ensure that changes are requested, evaluated, and implemented according to your business processes and needs.

Note To control changes, we recommend that you handle all standard changes (that is, changes of predefined types) by using the Service Catalog request fulfillment process.

For complete information on the Change Management process overview and workflows, see Service Manager Processes and Best Practices in the related topics.

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