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Visible updates for self-service requests

When a self-service user makes an update to an open request, the user can view the update text in the History section of the interaction record. When a Service Manager operator views the same record, the Activities section has three subsections that relate to updates.

  • Record new activities on the Updates section
  • View journal entries on the Journal Updates section when the administrator enables Journal Updates in the Environment record
  • View the updates in the list of updates for an activity type

When the operator makes an update to an open self-service request, Service Desk hides the update text from the self-service user. To show the update text to the self-service user, the operator must select the Visible to Customer check box in the Activities section of the interaction form.

Note This option can be bypassed by setting the Bypass Visibility Option flag to “true” in the activityactions table. When this flag is set to “true,” automatic activities are invisible to customers, whether the Customer Visible option is selected or not. When the flag is set to “false,” all activities are visible to customers if the Customer Visible option is selected.

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