Convert Form Layout tool

This button converts all of the fields on the left side of the form into one group, and converts each of the notebook tabs on the right into groups, arranged vertically, under the left side fields. These groups are collapsible when displayed in the Web client.

When you click this button, a dialog box will display to inform you that the action will modify the form layout to use collapsible sections and that this cannot be undone after you have saved the form. If you click Yes to proceed, the new layout is displayed. All of the fields and controls that were on the left side of the form are now contained in one Group. Clicking at the top of the group displays the Properties for the group. You will see that the following checkboxes are already selected:

  • Floating group enabled: The group to change its relative position on the form so that it is not hidden when sections above it expand downward, and does not leave a blank spot after being collapsed.
  • Collapse enabled: The group is displayed as a collapsible group that can be expanded and collapsed by the user.
  • Default to Expanded: The collapsible group is expanded (open), by default. The user can close it if desired.

You can scroll down to see that the fields that were previously contained in the first (leftmost) notebook tab are also now contained in a Group. The Default to Expanded checkbox is not selected, so that this group will display as collapsed by default, until the user opens it.

If you scroll down further you will see the contents of each of the notebook tabs, previously displayed from left to right, are now displayed as groups, from top to bottom.

If you want to change the order of the sections, you can do so by changing the Y coordinate, which controls the vertical placement of the group on the form.

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