Marquee control

Use this control to add an attention–getting text message that scrolls continuously across the screen from right to left.

To place a marquee on a form, click Marquee and then click the form. Be sure to put the name of the database field or variable that you want to associate with this control into the Input property.

Mozilla-based browsers do not support the marqee tag and thus cannot display them in Web client forms. You must either use an Internet Explorer browser or not use marquees in Web client forms.

Property Usage
Name Specify a unique identifier for the object on the screen. (Optional)

This name is used by external applications, such as RAD, to dynamically change the properties of the object.
X Specify the object’s horizontal position based on the left edge of the object.
Y Specify the object’s vertical position based on the top edge of the object.
Width Specify the width of the object in alignment grid units.
Height Specify the height of the object in alignment grid units.
Visible Select this option to make the object visible on the form. Clear the check box to hide the object from view on the form.
Visible Condition Specify an expression to override the Visible property when that expression evaluates to true.
Caption Specify a text caption for the object.
Caption Condition Specify an expression to override the Caption property when that expression evaluates to true.
Input Specify the database field or variable to associate with this control.
Foreground Color Select the text color from the drop-down list.
Background Color Specify the Background Color. You must select the Opaque property check box for the Back Color to have an effect. The only Background Color available for a Windows client marquee is black.
Font Select a font for the text of your label, table, timer, or marquee caption from the drop-down list.
Bold Select this option to apply bold to the label, default text, frame caption, or marquee caption.
Italic Select this option to apply italics to your label, default font, or caption.
Font Increase Specify the amount, in points, to increase or decrease the standard font size.

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