Subform control

Use this control to display a subform on another form.

Subforms displayed on forms have full functionality. Subforms displayed as pop-ups are read-only; users cannot interact with them. To display the subform as a pop-up, use the Comfill control instead.

To place a subform on a form, click Subform and then click the form.

Put the name of the database field or variable that you want to associate with this control into the Input property.

Property Usage
Name Specify a unique identifier for the object on the screen. (Optional)

This name is used by external applications, such as RAD, to dynamically change the properties of the object.
X Specify the object’s horizontal position based on the left edge of the object.
Y Specify the object’s vertical position based on the top edge of the object.
Width Specify the width of the object in alignment grid units.
Height Specify the height of the object in alignment grid units.
Visible Select this option to make the object visible on the form. Clear the check box to hide the object from view on the form.
Visible Condition Specify an expression to override the Visible property when that expression evaluates to true.
Format Specify the form to display. Be sure you type the exact form name.
Virtual Join Select this option to associate virtual join run time processing with the subform object. Clear the check box to use a same-file join.
Display Blank Select this option to display the subform even if no records were found for the virtual join. Clear the check box to skip display of the format if there are no matching records.

Note: Used only for virtual joins.
Display Using Table Select this option to display the subform in table format.
Input Specify the database field or variable to associate with this control.

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