Implement IR searches

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

In this example we use <language>. Substitute the language you need to implement wherever you see “<language>”.

To enter language files into the IR system:

  1. For English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese, create the files:

    • <language>.stp (stop words)
    • <language>.stm (stem dictionary)
    • <language>.suf (suffix dictionary)
    • <language>.nor (normals dictionary)

    For Chinese use the following files:

    • irlang/cma_options.utf8
    • irlang/cma/*

    For Japanese, use the following files:

    • irlang/jma_options.utf8
    • irlang/jma/*

    For Korean, use the following files:

    • irlang/kma_options.utf8
    • irlang/kma/*

    Note: These file names may vary for different languages or platforms.

  2. Place those files in a unique directory. In this example, we use the directory DICT_PATH.
  3. Insert the following parameters into the sm.ini file.



    ir_opt_path:..\irlang\cma_options.utf8 for Chinese


    ir_opt_path:..\irlang\jma_options.utf8 for Japanese


    ir_opt_path:..\irlang\kma_options.utf8 for Korean


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